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4 thoughts on “Dreams To Fact Welcome

  1. Christa Jones

    I like to find out how much the Marketing will cost I don’t want to start anything and can’t finish it.
    Thank you
    Christa Jones

    1. Jonnytech Post author

      We teach and promote the free methods of advertising. Not only are they cheaper, but are more effective in the long run. We teach you how to brand and manage your business the right way.
      set up costs are minimal.
      web site name $15 or so
      Web site hosting is $10 per month
      autoresponder service $20

      It is tough to find a business that you can get into for less than $50 and maintain you online presence for $30 per month these days, the Internet allows us that opportunity.

      Hope this answers your question and I look forward to showing you how to succeed with your dreams.

        1. Jonnytech Post author

          You have come to the right place! Almost everything we teach here is a free method of marketing for leads. Take a look at the blog for free ideas and then sign up for a membership that fits your needs.


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