Marketing Tools and Software Solutions

Marketing Tools and Software Solutions

There are many tools that help the successful internet marketers.

Below are is a small selection of our favorite types of marketing tools. While all the options may not be shown here, these are what we feel are the most beneficial to us and to you.

If you find other tools that are useful, we would love to hear about them. Take a moment and comment on this page. Tell us what is working for you and what did not work for you.


Domain Name Registration

Every internet marketer will get much farther if they have their own domain. This will help with branding and give you more leeway on the content you can include. Here are the ones we like:

1st Choice and 2nd Choice

Web Hosting Sites-

Once you have your domain in hand, you have the option to host it anywhere. Some host sites are better than other. Here are a couple of choices:

1st Choice and 2nd Choice (USA Only) or 3rd Choice

Web Creation-

The next thing to focus on is to get your landing pages up and create a sales funnel. This is fairly important as it speaks for you. It simply has to look good. There are a lot of really good programs that will work for this, but here are so of the good ones to look at:

1st Choice and 2nd Choice

Key Word Research-

The basics of the marketing efforts should always be based on effective keywords. The outcomes will be directly tied to this set of tags in your content. The tools are free in many cases.

1rst Choice and 2nd Choice

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Content Creation-

The content that you produce is important. It should give the reader what they are looking for and answer questions for them. Here are good tools to help with that.

1rst Choice and 2nd Choice

Content Distribution-

Now that you have created great content, it is time to give it to the world!

1rst Choice and 2nd Choice

Auto Responders-

Stay in close contact with your list of subscribers wit these:

1rst Choice


Communications is the key.

1rst Choice and 2nd Choice

How-To Programs for Marketers-

For more information, it may be necessary to learn a bit more as well.

1rst Choice and 2nd Choice

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