You Tube Video – Who Can Benefit From Them?

You Tube Video – Who Can Benefit From Them?

By Sam Traffanstedt

You Tube video is one element of our daily lives that will not be going away for a long time. People love moving pictures and they always will. But what benefit can we gain from them and who will be the one to obtain that benefit? Knowing the answer to these questions can help you decide how to use this technology for your benefit as well.

You Tube Video

We will discuss the different uses of video in our society and the ways that people benefit from them. I will tell you what 3 segments of our communities are using this medium for.

Kids – My children can do amazing things! They are better trained and talented in a broader variety of topics that I ever was. When I ask them how they learned to do something, the same answer seems to pop up: YouTube! This generation has learned that any skill they want to master can be found on the video systems of the internet. From the Rubik cube to the ukulele, there is someone who has produced a video on how to do it. Entertainment and socializing is another solid feature of video for this group. They are also one of the largest population who are producing these videos.

Adults – My generation has embraced the internet and are enjoying the occasional you tube video as well, just in a slightly different way. We tend to watch longer videos that can cover a subject well. We seem to have a longer attention span and find the information useful for our intellectual betterment. We also use this medium to learn new things, if not less often.

Marketers – Because of the way that the different generations use the you tube video systems, we can target our audience with the perfect style of video. Your target viewers will respond to a video much more often than the written word. Most people tend to buy from people who they seem to know or trust. The video can accomplish both for the savvy marketer.

You Tube video is here to stay and we can use it to accomplish our goals. If a picture is worth a thousand word, a video is priceless. Be sure to use this medium to promote yourself and your business. For more great tips on using these systems, take a look at our site and search for you tube video.

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