What is SEO? An Easy Guide to Greatness On Line

What is SEO? An Easy Guide to Greatness On Line

By Sam Traffanstedt - Traveling Marketer

What is SEO?

That is a question that is asked by thousands of people every month. It is an important term that many do not understand or even know what the acronym stands for. The bigger question is why the term is so important and why not knowing is hurting your marketing efforts so much?

what is seo

The term stands for Search Engine Optimization and can be very important to your business. Now that you know what the letters stand for, let’s go ahead and tell you how to do it and why it is so critical to your success.
Let us start with the basics. Search engines use words and phrases called keywords or tags to sort out the content on the Web,. Content can be anything from a blog post to a video description and they are all labeled to make it easier to sort. Search engines companies use software call BOTS to read all of your information and organize it into groups. They then use an algorithm to define how relevant your information is to the searches being performed by their users. That is how your information is ranked in the search results.
So what is SEO? SEO is the purposeful manipulation of those little Bots. It is the art of labeling your content in such a way as to convince the search engine company that your information is the most relevant to the search. We can do this in several ways.
1. Keywords in Titles – The very best way to SEO a title is to use the keyword in it. You are best off if the keyword is in the front of the title as mine is for this post. Use the keyword first, them add something that helps the reader decide to read your article.
2. Key word density – The is a out of discussion of how many times you should use your keyword in an article or post. Using the total number of words, divided by the number of times a keyword is used, and you have a density number. The best advice I have seen is 3-5 times depending on your content length. Once in the first and last paragraphs and once in the body of the post, should be enough. You can make up your own mind on this, but remember that you are still writing for your readers and you can’t squeeze in a key word where it makes no sense.
3. Keywords in the descriptions of embedded content – Whether it is a video or a pod cast, you need to add the keywords into the title of these as well and in the description box. That will help the BOT notice that the video is relevant to the subject as well.

4. Pictures – The use of pictures is a great way to spice up a page or prove a point for your readers. Just remember to label the picture before you upload it and use the alternate text box. Both of these should be your key word. That way the BOT sees it and the picture will be added to image search results as well.
One last aspect of the SEO game is to remember to stay consistent. All elements of the content should be label the same to be the same and to support each other. No matter what you are using for content, the SEO process is the same. Always use your keywords to label and identify your assets.
So the next time you hear the question, “What is SEO?”, you will be prepared to explain that it is a simple system of labeling to help these mighty Bots do their job and to catapult your business into the limelight.

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